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Together, we unleash your commercial potential from boardroom to front desk, and back.





We listen to you, your challenges and ambitions. We look for the deeper reason why you want to develop your organization.


We blend this wit our view on your business, the market changes and your customer’s needs.


We extend the ambition into practical plans with tangible milestones, activating teams and challenging the status quo.

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commercial strategy

“At our core lies the sharpening of commercial strategies, focusing on the strategic entrepreneurial ambitions of your company. We are dedicated to translating these strategies into practical actions embraced by the entire team. We mobilize not only those directly involved but also those indirectly impacting the success of these commercial strategies. Our approach sets everyone in motion, yielding tangible, measurable actions, and accomplishments that drive the growth and success of your business.”

leadership development

“Leadership development is our foundation for shaping the future of organizations. It transcends refining skills; it’s a transformative expedition. We focus on instilling mindsets that inspire, navigating challenges with resilience, and igniting visions that propel teams toward success. Genuine leadership development extends beyond individuals; it’s about creating a ripple effect. Empowered leaders within our framework cultivate thriving environments, foster innovation, and drive meaningful change. It’s our ongoing commitment to personal growth, empathy, and the pursuit of excellence that not only shapes leaders but also defines the very essence of our organizational fabric.”

optimal commercial behavior

“At our core lies the identification of distinctive behavior that transforms ordinary commercial employees into outstanding professionals. We understand that every situation, change, and individual is unique. Therefore, we assist in defining tailored strategies and pinpointing tangible distinctive behaviors to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we encourage employees to adopt this new behavior, encompassing both mindset and skills. Our approach is centered around persuading and engaging individuals to enhance the culture and effectiveness of your commercial team.”


“We are business changers with a hands-on-approach, we go beyond just advising. We believe in hands-on involvement. This means we don’t just offer advice; we actively collaborate with your team at an operational level. We stand beside you, work side by side, and assist in implementing solutions.


“Our approach involves practical support to achieve your goals. We merge strategic expertise with operational execution, providing a comprehensive approach for an effective implementation of business changes.”

coaching on the job

“Our ‘coaching on the job’ goes beyond just embedding new skills. We focus on the actual functioning and outcomes, where skills and mindset are prerequisites for success, not the other way around. Our approach involves guiding individuals during their work to achieve effective results. We believe that cultivating the right mindset and skills are the essential pillars for achieving sustainable success in the workplace.”

organizational embedment program

“We support you in embracing new ideas, processes, or technologies within your organization. Through our structured organizational embedment program, we ensure strategic planning, engaging training, and targeted implementation activities. Our goal isn’t just to introduce these innovations but to fully integrate them into your existing corporate culture and practices. Our approach ensures stakeholder engagement, clear communication, tailored support and training, and continuous evaluation. Together, we strive for sustainable change and maximize acceptance of these changes within your organization.”

train the trainer

“We empower our clients by equipping them to implement changes within their own organization. Through our ‘train the trainer’ approach, we support specifically chosen individuals within the client’s team to guide, manage, and challenge the change, focusing on behavior, culture, processes, and content. We share our expertise and train change agents to not only take over but also to sustain and further advance the improvements, ensuring that the progress we initiate is not reversed.”

Sales, service and marketing

“We strongly believe in the power of collective change, even when it comes to commercial transformations. Our services primarily cater to leadership, commercial teams, and supporting departments. Implementing commercial changes often directly impacts other supporting departments. It’s a collaborative effort where each department plays a specific role in this transformation. Tailored support for each department is essential. Alongside enhancing skills and behaviors, our focus lies in fostering optimal collaboration among teams during these commercial changes.”

Our Story

“Our collective is based on a common passion and understanding of how change should be supported to grow your business. All members of the collective share an intrinsic motivation to add value to the business and personal success of people. We have extensive experience in leadership, marketing, and sales, both entrepreneurial and managerial. We are not only certified trainers, but also former directors, managers, and entrepreneurs who have learned how to influence others in an impactful way. The lessons from the past, especially our mistakes and failures, have been transformed into valuable support programs and training courses on sales, leadership, emotional intelligence, and general business communication. Therefore, we have combined all our learned lessons into the ADD Commercial Excellence package. We work with a core team, supported by a network of subject matter specialists, allowing us to operate internationally. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of international cultures, in both large and smaller companies, from family businesses to publicly traded corporations. During our collaboration process, we consider ourselves an integral part of your organization.”